What We Do

Welcome To Boomerang

A Boomerang is a native Australian Aboriginal throwing stick made out of wood. The Aboriginals used these tools for hunting, while many people today use them for recreation and sport. As the name suggests, a returning boomerang is the type which returns back to the thrower. With that in mind, at Boomerang we aim to provide you with a fabulous variety of accommodation spaces around North Goa which will have you returning back again and again!

Our family has been in the hospitality industry for several years and we believe that service and quality are an integral part of any vacation experience. We have a carefully curated selection of comfortable, clean and well equipped vacation homes, to ensure your holiday is the ‘returning’ kind, and one that leaves with you a happy experience.

Our home and apartment owners have put in a ton of effort into doing up their spaces and are excited about sharing them with you. Each home has its own unique quality, whether it’s a beautiful private terrace pool looking out onto the Arabian sea, or a cosy bed and breakfast room overlooking the lush green rice fields. Take a look at our ‘Spaces’ page to get an idea of what’s on offer and drop us a line to make a booking.